Finding Ababor

Getting Here

For information on how to get to Vieques from San Juan or from Fajardo, Puerto Rico, visit

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Ababor Suites  is located on the northern coast of Vieques, map and pictures below

To get to us from the airport follow the main road (S.R. 200) to the east, Downtown Isabel Segunda. Once in Downtown, just after passing La Viequense Deli and the Vieques Air Link offices on the right, stay on the right side. You will pass the Town Square (La Plaza) on your left. Turn left at the end of the road and pass in front of the Catholic Church. Turn right after the church. You are back at SR 200. Continue the road towards Barrio Santa Maria in the east, pass the high school, pass the baseball park, pass the Humane Society all on your left. Not even a quarter mile after the Humane Society,  you will see the sea opening up in the horizon. Ababor Suites are the two two-story yellow buildings on the beach, on the left just 2.1 kilometers from the Plaza.

To get to us from the harbor. As you get out of the boat, go right towards the Ocean View Hotel. Turn left in front of the Ocean View Hotel towards the Plaza. At the corner of the Plaza and the City Hall (before the Catholic Church) turn left. Follow SR 200 until you see the beachfront two story yellow buildings on your left, exactly 2.1 kilometers from the Plaza.

From Road 200 east as you approach Ababor Suites you will find Ababor Suites Pl side street on your left

Continuing on Road 200, the second entrance to Ababor Suites

This is the entrance and parking to the Villa, Navio, and Caracas Suites the gate is unlocked just roll it open

Then please re-close the gate after you enter, as it keeps the wild horses out.

Road View of Ababor Suites. Welcome!